Social Counseling-Guidance and Psychological Counseling

⁕Social Counseling
a)Part-Time Job

Part-time employment opportunities are provided to our students, who are Turkish citizens studying at Gazi University during the normal education period, and who make a request, with priority given to those in need.

b) Scholarships

Credit and Hostels Institution Scholarships (for the quota allocated to Gazi University), Private Foundation Scholarships and Meal Scholarships are provided to our students in need and is determined by the Scholarship Information System.


Can be made on the website of the Student Counseling and Scholarship Services Unit, or in person at our unit.

⁕Guidance and Psychological Counseling

Individual interviews, group meetings, courses, seminars and orientation (adaptation) programs are organized by our expert and experienced staff. Guidance and counseling services are provided to all students who apply to our unit.


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